Lexica (lexica510) wrote in oaklandca,

Where to buy an inexpensive field hockey stick in Oakland?

Got any recommendations for used or inexpensive sporting goods suppliers in Oakland who might carry field hockey sticks? (Berkeley or SF — or really, anywhere BARTable — would be okay, too.)

I'm looking for a field hockey stick to use as part of a Halloween costume. Because it's for a costume and I don't actually play field hockey, I'd rather not spend much money on it. The cheapest new ones I've found online seem to start at $30.

Any suggestions?
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Maybe Craigslist or Freecycle?
salvation army or similar.
Make one out of cardboard?

you can order on-line or they have one in emeryville - get off at macarthur take the emery-go-round to bay street get off at san pablo and 40th...

but yeah other than that you could make one yourself or see if a friend has one...